Star Wars: Saga of Seven

"The Deserter"
Telona 15, 135 ABY
Not far from the planet Taris and the Hydian hyperspace lane lies the planet Wayland. Its massive jungle regions and terrifying plant life aren’t common knowledge among the galaxy. Only the Mandalorian Empire and a few well-informed Galactic Alliance officials even know of its existence. Wayland was one of the chosen planets for phase one of the Bio-Terraforming project led by Senator Colin Repri using Neetek technology. After the end of the War, the Mandalorian Empire seized Wayland and sold most of the planet to businessman, Qid Lap: the owner and Ceo of LapTec Industries.

LapTec is a weapon manufacturing company that operates a chain of stores scattered around the Outer Rim planets. One of its research facilities is built on Wayland. A small shantytown sprung up around it to accommodate the people who worked there called Nert.

The chief engineer for the Nert Research Facility was Slater Khenn, a Mandalorian deserter. Slater ran the research facility and junk yard for about a year after he’d left the planet Mandalore. One day, Qid Lap arrived for his monthly visit with Slater. This time, he came with two Jedi: A middle aged looking human woman with dark hair and blue eyes wearing the traditional Jedi robes and a younger looking male Kel Dor. They introduce themselves as Xi Lann and Ket Lar respectively.

Qip Lap tells Slater that two ships crash-landed a few miles north of Nert and that he is to accompany Ket Lar in his investigation. Qip and Xi Lan leave to tend to other matters on Qip’s cruise ship: Jungle Fever.

Slater borrows a landspeeder from his good friend B’lacki and sets out with the padawan learner.

Slater and Ket find a wrecked freighter in the jungle. As they approach, they are ambushed by Rodian bounty hunter named Xeuce. They subdue him and gets him to admit that he was trying to capture the crew of the freighter and recover a datapad that they stole from the Galactic Alliance. They decide to join forces and investigate the crashed ship.

They find that the bridge is in ruin. The corpse of a Sullustian pilot hangs over the astrogation computer. They get to the reactor core and find that there were three people with grotesque cybernetic implants scrapping it. They dispatch the intruders but Xeuce was critically injured. Ket tends to Xeuce’s wounds while Slater takes a week to make repairs to the freighter.

After the repairs are made and Xeuce is nursed back to health, Xeuce finds a hyperdrive route in the astrogation computer that leads to the middle of an asteroid field. They decide to take the route and see where it leads……….
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